Travis B. Mitchell

Independent Project Manager

In every project I start or partner with, my goal is simple: find a meaningful problem, dream a big solution, and work hard to make it happen.

In my projects, I love the dance between daring ideas and disciplined systems. Bringing these two together is one of my favorite things.

Ultimately, it's love that fuels my work. My drive is to serve, in big ways and small, by closing gaps between people and what they need.

Travis B. Mitchell

I employ my talent, tools, and network to develop and run projects that empower people to reach their full potential.

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TypeFive Design

We're a small team of creatives finding new ways to address meaningful challenges we discover in the world.

Cross Create

Start helping people in need here in the states or around the world, every single month.


We'll help you turn a business idea into an actual product / service you can manage, market, and sell on your own.

Get help growing and promoting your new product / service from marketing experts.

Connection Card

Don't miss out on networking opportunities by using this online business connection card.

YC Academy

Training young adults to use their unique perspective to help solve problems for businesses, creatives, and nonprofits.

Projects I Manage:

I employ my talent, tools, and network to tackle meaningful problems I see in the world.

Some projects I'm currently working on:
Cross Create, Quickpress, Exit Readiness, Shared, Connection Card, and Ambassador Institute.